• 500 m from Ecole 42, 250 m from Mediaschool schools
  • 390 euros/month per room and 60 euros monthly charges, i.e. 450 euros
  • Ground floor with an entrance, a living room, a kitchen, WC
  • 1st floor: a landing, two bedrooms of 14 m2 and 11 m2, a dressing room, a bathroom, WC
  • 2nd floor: a landing, two bedrooms of 19 m2 each.
  • Enclosed courtyard garden
  • DPE C
  • Not overlooked
  • New furniture and appliances
  • Individual and renewable lease
  • Files studied with the greatest attention to guarantee harmonious co-location
  • Deposit: the price of the rent without charges (collected then reinstated after the inventory of fixtures upon your departure)
  • Mandatory guarantor (unless your salary corresponds to 3x the rent amount)
  • Home insurance at your expense.

+ 60€ charges


This large student shared accommodation is ideal because it is right in the heart of the Image de Magelis-L’houmeau district. The house was completely renovated in 2017. It has four large and bright bedrooms. Some important characteristics: an enclosed garden courtyard, easy and free parking, not overlooked, not to mention the shops on Rue de Paris and the brasserie… La débauche ! This shared accommodation is aimed, among others, at students of Ecole 42 and Mediaschool, but not only!


The image has long been associated with the city of Angoulême, for the paper industries which flourished there in the 19th century, and for comic strips which found a favorable territory there.

Angoulême has become the world capital of comics, thanks to the International Festival which takes place there every year, to the City which is located there and to the Museum which is dedicated to it. In 1997, local elected officials gave life to the Pôle Image Magelis, with the aim of promoting the Image sector in the L’houmeau district along the river Charente.

With around a hundred specialized companies, more than 200 comic book authors, around thirty studios, 15 international reference schools and more than 2,000 students, Magelis has built for 25 years a truly innovative ecosystem dedicated to creation and innovation in the image sectors, in a city which enjoys a privileged geographical location – less than 2 hours from Paris and 40 minutes from Bordeaux by TGV, close to the sea and renowned terroirs of France such as Saint-Emilion, Cognac and the Dordogne.

“The location is so cool. Super close to schools. I’m not wasting time. Plus the train station is right next door.”

Le quartier de L’Houmeau-Magelis

Le quartier de l’Houmeau, ancien quartier industriel d’Angoulême, est désormais « the place to be » pour les écoles nationales et internationales de l’Image. Les 15 écoles spécialisées d’enseignement supérieur du Campus de l’image forment près de 2 000 étudiants aux différents métiers de la filière Image, dans des cursus allant de la prépa au doctorat.

La richesse, la variété et la qualité des enseignements dispensés font d’Angoulême le pôle majeur de formation à l’image en Europe. Jeux vidéo et médias interactifs, cinéma d’animation, bande dessinée, art, mangas, audiovisuel, Internet, informatique, documentaire de création, design graphique, marketing… 40 formations prestigieuses, pour la plupart reconnues par l’Etat, sont dispensées par les écoles implantées à Angoulême. Attirées par ce dynamisme incontestable, la célèbre Ecole 42 fondée par Xavier Niel et les écoles du Groupe Mediaschool se sont elles-aussi implantées. Elles se situent juste à côté de la rue Ragnaud et de la rue de Paris.


The 42 schools are high-level self-study establishments whose objective is to train developers with, in 2023, 52 campuses spread across 31 countries around the world. 42 is the number chosen to name the school.

42 is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by British writer Douglas Adams, published in 1979. In this book, the number 42 is the answer given by a computer to the question: “What is the ultimate answer to life, to the universe and everything else? »

Olivier, Votre Hôte

“Hello, I will be very proud to welcome you to the Ragnaud house. With my professional activity, I was very involved in the development of the training offer in the Magelis district. I am convinced that finding a shared accommodation in this area is an excellent opportunity for a student or a young professional to combine the practical side of proximity to schools and the train station as well as the city center, which is very easy to access on foot.”

“The four rooms of the shared accommodation meet the requirements of comfort and space in a renovated house equipped with furniture and appliances purchased very recently.”